Atlanta Intown Paper

"Robbie's pals Sammy (Skye Passmore) [...] try to bolster him up, and they are cheery and funny, particularly Mr. Passmore, who shows an unexpected comic flair."
 - The Wedding Singer -
at Atlanta Lyric Theatre

"None of this scary magic happens without actors, and we have some fine ones, starting with Poe himself. He is intense, disheveled, anguished and sinfully sensuous. He's a perfect Poe."
 - The Edgar Allan Poe Experience -
at The Wren's Nest

"These witches are seductive, sensuous, and deliciously wicked [...] Skye Passmore is fascinatingly fluid."
Macbeth at Serenbe Playhouse -

Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Passmore gives an understated performance true to the Chekhovian original."
The Seagull at Serenbe Playhouse -

"Skye Passmore has a lanky physique and he uses it almost like a contortionist (Linda Blair's turn in The Exorcist comes to mind)."
Macbeth at Serenbe Playhouse -

And yet I still can't touch my toes!

My Mother

Will you be my wingman?


"Handsome Skye Passmore first seems miscast as the undesirable lump of a schoolteacher Simon, but he does remarkably well under those unusual circumstances."
The Seagull at Serenbe Playhouse -

Be like water.

Steamy? Smarmy? Skeezey? That's a lot of 'S'!

My Father

Sneak attack on your funny bone!

Hey thanks I guess!

Hey look someone noticed!

"Have you ever thought about nursing school?"
No -

"That was the worst experience I've ever had. I thought it was never going to end."
Most things -

Carolina Curtain Call

Skye Passmore is terrific in all three of his roles, bringing a steamy smarminess to Mr. Wickham, an overtly sexual deviancy to Miss Bingley, and a spine-shivering sense of ick to the skeezy stuttering Mr. Collins.
Pride and Prejudice at Warehouse Theatre -